1 John 1:2


1 John 1:2

the life was made manifest, and we have seen it, and testify to it and proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and was made manifest to us—

The life here is the physical being and the spiritual being, our present and future existence. It was made manifest, or to be made visible, make clear. This is Greek word  phaneroó, which has its origin in another Greek word phós. Phós is a light or source pf light, properly phaneroó also can mean to illuminate, or become apparent (graspable). John says we, referring to the apostles have seen it – this life. This is more than physical seeing, it is metaphorically to see with the mind or to perceive with spiritual perception. These words that were written by the apostles are the testimony or witness and this is there report. It is an announcement as well as a declaration of the eternal, unending physical and spiritual existence. This existence which was with, or towards the Father. With speaks of extension toward a goal, with implied interaction or reciprocity, with “presumed contact and reaction” It is the word (prós) and naturally suggests the cycle of initiation and response. It can also mean “in view of,” or “in light of, but never “against,” except where the context indicates an active exchange (interface) done in opposition. Father is the one who imparts life and is committed to it. It is also the one in whom we have the potential for likeness. In this case our Heavenly Father. John uses the phrase made manifest again, reminding us that there was a revealing. It was again not just physical sight, but spiritual illumination.

Conclusion: John twice reminds us in this verse, that this was not something they intellectually understood on their own, but something that was revealed to them. As I was reading this God reminded me of further in 1 John where it says there are three that testify. One of the three is the Spirit. Since these words were inspired by the Spirit, it is not just the testimony of the apostles but of God himself. The Spirit is the source of illumination, the One who brings things from more than mere knowledge of God. This revealed life, to whom they saw and bear witness. This physical yet eternal being, that John is writing about is Jesus Christ. There is so much depth to these statements, for it speaks of the physical person and experience they had with Him. But it also talks of their minds being opened or illuminated to the truth of who Jesus is.

Father, these are the words that came from You. This is the hand of men inspired by Your Spirit. You gave them the experience of walking with Jesus, and have given us the privilege to read the testimony of Jesus. We have words of truth that if we would just press in to you, you would make them known to us. Lord let Your Words be revealed to us by the Spirit of Truth, that we would have more than knowledge but rather You would illuminate it within us. That we also would see. The eternally existent Jesus, who came from heaven, died for our sin and  has returned to heaven where He lives today with You. Lord there are things which can seem to be a mystery, let us be ok with the revelation that we will not understand all things. Illuminate our hearts and our minds to know that there are things that are beyond our comprehension and give us the faith to know that just because we cannot comprehend, it does not indicate it is not true. In the name of the one who sits at your right hand, Jesus. Amen

God bless you,



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